Williams Hardware/Software Info

Memory map

Williams hardware description

Hardware differences between games

ROM differences between game versions

Hidden message in games

Joust Pterodactyl bug

Listing of Joust waves

Joust Instruction Manual

Listing of Robotron enemies by wave

Williams Conversion articles from me

MultiGame II information

Multigame conversion article (incomplete)

Pic of Multi-Game ROM address decode circuit

Pic of my Multi-Game selector circuit

Pic of my Sinistar Speech board EPROM hack

Pic of my Sinistar SRAM hack (9/30/95)

Pic of my Sinistar Blitter hack

Pic of my Defender hack circuit(3/19/95)

Defender patches for Multi-Game

Special Chip hack to switch SC1/SC2 (9/30/95)

Note: this hack can be used to run Splat with SC1s, without having to patch the ROM image.

Here's a better approach using a GAL

Parallel Port Hack

I added two 4-bit latches and an OR gate for address decoding to my Multi-Game machine, producing an 8-bit parallel port. I wrote 6809 code to dump RAM using a simple handshaking protocol to my Amiga at over 5K/sec. I've used it to grab pictures that are hard to get from the ROM images (such as the complete image of the Sinistar). I've also posted RAM dumps to help people disassemble code by showing what's in RAM. I also use the parallel port to select the ROM image to run. See the code and disassembler file here.

Williams Conversion articles from the game archive at Wiretap

This used to be a great repository of arcade game info, but I think they got rid of it all.

Please check out Mike's Arcade instead. LOTS of great info.


Stargate/Robotron/Joust multi-game

Adding Bubbles to the S/R/J multi-game

Info about Williams game hardware

Repair tips for Williams games

Defender board pinouts

Stargate board pinouts

Sinistar board pinouts

Bubbles board pinouts

Converting Joust to a JAMMA connector

General Conversion FAQ

Using a normal joystick with Sinistar

Defender Error Codes

Defender Setup info

Other conversion links

Frederic Vecoven's speech board PCB in PostScript

Other Williams links


Fred Vecoven's RGVAC page

e-glide's Defender/Joust/Robotron article

e-glide's Sinistar page

Williams Home Page - They're just slot machines now

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