Touch & Tell

There are 2 28-pin SDIPs and a 16-pin DIP on the PCB: CD8012NL M GU 8922 4924 PHILIPPINES, CD2802NL M FU 8922 4624 PHILIPPINES, and CD2610NL MBDW 8922 4739 PHILIPPINES (a VSM).

CD8012 is a TMS1100G microcontroller. The die is labeled CD8012.

CD8012 die

CD8012 die with top metal removed

CD8012 ROM array

CD8012 raw ROM dump

CD8012 ROM dump

CD2802NL is a voice synthesis processor. The die is labeled T0280F 0281D.

CD2802 die

CD2802 die with top metal removed

CD2610NL is a voice synthesis memory. The die is labeled T0355D 2610B.

CD2610 die

CD2610 die with top metal removed

CD2610 ROM array with top metal removed

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