TMNT used a Sharp SM-511 MCU (game # BH005, die ID 774)

Patent - with ROM dump (note the actual game uses the SM-511, not SM-510)

rough pic of full die - the major areas are the RAM, LCD RAM, ROM and melody ROM

die with top metal layer removed

ROM with top metal layer removed

raw ROM dump

ROM dump - The patent looks identical, except the 64th byte of each page is $80 instead of $00.

annotated close-up of Melody ROM

Melody ROM dump - The bits on the chip are the same as in the patent except the last 5 bytes on the die are $00 instead of $FF.

The schematic in the patent doesn't quite match the PCB: the CPU is an SM511, not SM510, and only has one R output, and the buttons and LCD are connected differently.

        K1            K2           K3     K4
S1     left           up          down   right
S2    select         sound        off     on
S3  attack left   attack right     --     --

The LCD segments are numbered in the patent, but there are some issues: most of the arms aren't independently numbered, each row of mousers has the same number, the score digits and men remaining only have one number, the electrodes are shown as LCD segments but are only on the background, the words "LIMIT" and "GAME" as well as the electric field (not the lightning bolt, 174) are un-numbered, and several segments are individually numbered that are actually grouped with other segments. In addition, the graphics are quite a bit different from the actual game.

Here are the LCD segment connections to the SM-511.

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