Speak & Spell Compact

There are 3 28-pin SDIPs on the PCB: CD8011A-NL DBS 8240 PHILIPPINES, TMC0281NL MDU ^8236, and CD2354A-NL MDX 8236 PHILIPPINES (a VSM).

CD8011 is a TMS1100B microcontroller. The die is labeled CD8011A.

CD8011 die top metal

CD8011 die with top metal removed

CD8011 ROM array

CD8011 raw ROM dump

CD8011 ROM dump

TMC0281NL is a voice synthesis processor. The die is labeled T0280F 0281D.

TMC0281 die top metal

TMC0281 die with top metal removed

The keyboard has 36 buttons in a 10x4 matrix. It is connected to the CD8011 MCU.

     R0       R1      R2       R3      R4       R5     R6    R7      R8      VSS
K1 letter    ----   review   repeat   erase   module   go   enter   ----   on/spell
K2   A        B       C        D       E        F      G     H       I       ---

K4   J        K       L        M       N        O      P     Q       R       ---

K8   S        T       U        V       W        X      Y     Z       '       off

Speak & Spell Compact info from Datamath

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