Pictures of my microscope setup

ebay pic - with wafer inspection hardware still attached

from the left

from the right - on the lower right, you can see the unpainted 2" aluminum block that I swapped in for the original 1"

from the front - there's a motorized objective rotator, but I removed the drive belt because it was easier to do it manually

die image on monitor - the scope didn't come with a camera adapter tube, so I improvised. I'll 3D print one later.

PIC-STEP and stepper drivers - the PIC-STEP also multiplexes the step signal to all 3 steppers and controls the camera shutter

focus stepper - 0.9 degree steps connected to fine focus knob

XY table on focus mount from below - it's held on by 3 small bolts

tilt/rotate stages - so I can level and straighten the die quickly and easily

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