Cinematronics Games

I was recently given a Star Castle machine. It has high-voltage problems, but other than that runs OK. I'm working on the multi-game hack now....

There are 13 more games that run on this platform: Warrior, Star Hawk, Space War, Tail Gunner, Armor Attack, Rip Off, Boxing Bugs, Solar Quest, Speed Freak, Demon, Barrier, Sun Dance and War of the Worlds.

My hack has room for all 14 of these games. The control panels aren't too difficult (except maybe Tail Gunner), but the sound boards are going to be a problem- they are each different, and use analog circuits instead of dedicated sound chips. A couple of net-guys are working on this, though, so keep your fingers crossed.

I now have 9 games running, and have finished building my control panel. I've got a DIP switch EPROM to translate the settings for each game. I'm using a pair of 27010 EPROMs (1 for odd data, 1 for even).

Here's a link to an excellent source of Cinematronics info, as well as a great emulator that will play all of the games: Zonn's Unofficial Cinematronics Home Page

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